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Private Jet Charter Services

Are you looking for safe and reliable private jet charter services that allow you to travel in style for business or pleasure?

We will answer your questions and organize your private charter flights from start to finish.

We provide custom solutions for private aviation.


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Private Jet Charter Services

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Helping people and spreading awareness is at the core of LuxJet Consulting. Ms. Paulette also wants to change the stereotype that private charters are only for the rich and famous. Over the years, private charters have become much more accessible, inexpensive, and safe for more people.

LuxJet Consulting offers a unique consultancy approach using decades of experience to provide individualized solutions for every client based on the metrics that are most meaningful to them. This method allows Ms. Paulette to consistently deliver value and perfection to many global clients.

To this end, LuxJet Consulting provides a wide range of services, including cabin outfitting, private jet management, private jet charter, flight attendant mentorship and training.

Each private jet is different – and so are the individual preferences of each passenger. LuxJet Consulting can provide bespoke outfitting services for your aircraft based on cabin size and passenger preferences to create a satisfying experience.

We can also offer interior decor directions with step-by-step guides to help you make the most of your cabin space.

LuxJet Consulting can curate everything you need for exceptional in-flight experiences with the finest accoutrements, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious quality.

Feel the difference with LuxJet Consulting – a minority and woman-owned business that strives to deliver extraordinary services.

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We provide custom solutions for private aviation.

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